David GG

About Me


Hi! I'm David GG I love to build amazing products. I'm a Software Engineer from Spain, front-end enthusiastic. In the last few years I worked for start-up companies with innovative products in competitive markets. Self-taught developer, I'm always learning new technologies.

I spend my free time taking photos, reading and playing videogames.

I collaborate with some charitable organizations. My aspiration is to create cool things that improve people's lives.




Front-End Developer

Development consultancy from Barcelona offering end‑to‑end web and mobile apps based on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript frameworks.



Front-End Developer

Spanish company focused in technology consulting. Specialists in e-commerce, cloud computing and custom development. s|ngular contributed to the creation of the BuyVip platform, bought by Amazon.



Full-Stack Developer

Sweetspot Intelligence is a start-up dedicated to the development of a reporting tool that collects data from external sources, creating attractive charts and integrating them into dashboards.



Front-End Developer

Spanish Bitcoin start-up founded with the goal of creating innovative products for the Bitcoin market. Its main business is Bitcoin trading by use of traditional payment methods such as the credit card.




I have worked in different areas, including education, government and freelance projects.



Pleo is an artificial form of life (robot) that has a dinosaur appearance with a high capacity of interaction through its sensors and motors.

PleoProg is a DSL programming tool for Pleo. PleoProg allows the creation and modification of diagrams to build a Pleo's personality in a very simple and intuitive way. Makes robot programming easy and available to all the public.

European project iTEC logo

European project iTEC

Contributor in the European project iTEC. Project of the FP7 framework that aims to create the classroom of the future. The project has participants from over 19 countries and it has a budget of 9.5 million €.

My personal contribution focuses on developing a system for collecting, processing and visualizing usage data by using technologies like JEE, HTML5, CSS3, JS, D3, etc.


I've created Android apps, jQuery plugins, Python apps, sites and other projects. You can visit my GitHub to explore some of them or you can write me (contact) if you want more information about me.